Saturday, 25 January 2014

HuntCatchKill Pest Control Solutions Ltd is a Pest Control York based company that specialises in the detection, identification and prevention of pests. We offer an honest service which you can rely upon come rain or shine with competitive pricing in these difficult economic times we all face.

We specialise in controlling problems with cockroaches, all kinds of birds, bedbugs, moles, squirrels, mice rabbits, flies, ants, fleas and rats to name but a few.

If you need any fields clearing like the image shows above from the mole problems many are experiencing in the UK currently then please give me a call using the details within the image or at the top of the page.


  1. Hi Nasko,

    Yes the link to Keith's fanpage is:



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  3. Thank you for this great post! I live in an area that is known for getting rodents hanging around our houses so I am hoping that maybe I can figure out this problem before it happens!
    Holly James |

  4. Thank you for all your suggestings in America. Keith operates within York in the UK and does a fantastic job with regards to Pest Control.

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  6. I have found 3 mice in my garage this summer. I have tried to get rid of them myself by setting traps. It will catch the mouse, but I have the problem that they keep coming back. I need to find a way to prevent this problem in the first place. Pest control would be a great option for me.
    Gary Puntman |